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Sometimes divorce can come from out a left field. Other times, it can be mutually agreed upon. No matter what has led to your current situation, you can trust the Frankfort divorce lawyers at Howard Law Group to help protect your rights and best interests. We take the stress out of the legal process by staying at your side from beginning to end and making every step easy-to-understand. Call our offices at (502) 309-2740 to learn how we can help in your particular situation!

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Uncontested Divorces: Easier, Faster, Cheaper

We recognize that no two cases are identical: some divorces can be wrought with tension and conflict. In other situations, however, a divorce can be uncontested and both parties can recognize the need to move forward separately and amiably. In instances where couples are looking for a fast, easy, and affordable divorce, our divorce attorneys can step in and offer legal assistance at every turn! Let us take the stress off of you.

Here are the necessary steps to getting your uncontested divorce finalized:

  • The Petition: This is the first step in your divorce and tells the Court what you are trying to do, the grounds for which you are doing it, and why you are doing it.
  • The Notification: The other party must receive notice that you have filed a suit against them. This is also commonly known as “service” or “serving papers.”
  • The Answer: The person you are suing will have the opportunity to file a response to your suit. They must file with the court to explain their side of the issue.
  • The Settlement: Typically, in an uncontested divorce, the parties will settle or come to an agreement on how to divide their assets.
  • The Final Decree: Once you have divided everything, the Court will then enter the final decree. This is the legal document that officially states that you are divorced.
  • Understand the Benefits of an Uncontested Divorce

Divorce Doesn’t Always Have to Be Difficult. Call Our Lawyers at 502.309.2740 Now!

If you are considering divorce, or have been served with divorce papers, do not think you have to embark on this legal journey on your own. With the help of a divorce lawyer from Howard Law Group, you can be informed of your rights and options so you can make empowered decisions for your future.

Need to speak with someone about your rights? We are ready to help. Contact our offices at 502.309.2740 today to request your initial, confidential case consultation!

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